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Our feet deserve nothing less in comfort and healthiness. This body part is our way of getting to places that we want to go or do the thing that we must do. The everyday protection we can give to our feet is to wear a quality socks. The socks protect our feet from cold and strain of works. It also made wearing foot wears relax and comfortable.

Men socks somehow differ from the woman socks. Men feet sweat more heavily and socks should conform to this nature. The toe socks for men are socks that completely suits the man feet nature. It has the quality that helps feet by absorbing the sweat and makes it evaporate. Men who want to give their feet a satisfying socks wearing experience can try the toe socks for men. The toe socks for men are highly available Sock Making Machine Manufacturerss online and many online stores offer it good prices and some with discounts. A notable seller of toe socks for men is recognized as DinoDirect. The site has listing of different toe socks for men and all are highly recommendable.

The toe socks for men offered in the site are all with quality features that care for the feet tenderly. The socks has great absorption of sweat and moist and free the feet from warm irritating feeling. The socks have this comfort and softness that makes the feet relax and refresh while at work or moving. The toe socks for men increase the feet working time and help prevent stress or strain.

The materials of the toe socks for men make the tenderness and comfort feature possible. The socks are mostly made of high-grade cotton providing the said features constantly. The socks cotton fabrics are also durable so users can expect to wear the item for numbers of times without limiting its original features.

Talking about design and style, the listed toe socks for men are no less attractive and charming. The style can be the normal whole feet style or can be in two toes or five toes style. The toe socks for men design can simply excite eyes. The toe socks for men are shown in plain colors, colorful stripes, dot pattern, print designs, and anime prints.

The toe socks for men are all being presented in prices that are very conforming to any man budget. The original price itself is considerable but it is still lowered down to a more considerable price because of the discount promo.

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A few weeks ago I wrote a column on how to choose your sewing machine. If you have made your choice, we will continue on with getting your machine ready to sew.

Threading the machine is something that is pretty basic, yet a little different on every machine. It is VERY important to refer to your manual when first learning the procedure. If the threading isn't correct, nothing else will work either.

Here is a basic rundown of threading a sewing machine. Remember, each machine is different. This is just the general idea.

1. Put your spool of thread on the spindle on top of the machine.

1a. A vertical spindle or post - position the spool so that the thread runs clockwise as you sew.

1b. A horizontal spindle - the spool is held in place by an end cap. If your spool has a small cut in it, be sure to have the cut to the right.

NEWBIE TIP: If your spool is brand new and there are labels covering the holes, uncover yhour holes completely to allow the spool to turn easily.

2. Pull thread to the left of the spindle and thru your first thread guide.

3. Draw thread down thru your tension guide. (It is extremely important to have your presser foot UP when threading your machine.)

Follow the instructions from your manual carefully when winding Sock Machine Manufacturers your bobbin.

If your bobbin case is built in, the bobbin will be wound in place with the machine fully threaded.

Removable bobbins are wound on the top or side of the machine. Your machine must be threaded before bobbin filling.

Your bobbin thread must be drawn thru the tension spring. For wind in place bobbins, this is already taken care of. You MUST make sure this is done if you are using a bobbin that already has thread in it.


Balancing your tension is a huge issue when you first start to learn about your sewing machine. There is nothing that will cause you more grief than your tension.

Your stitch is formed by interlocking the bobbin and needle thread. Every time the needle goes down, a hook catches the needle thread and wraps the bobbin thread around it. It is a tug of war that must be synchronized for a good stitch result.

If your needle thread tension is stronger, your bobbin thread will be pulled to the top of your fabric. If your bobbin thread tension is stronger, the needle thread will be visible on the underside of your fabric. When the tension is just right and evenly balanced, the stitch will lock in the middle, halfway between the top and bottom of your fabric. This is what you want and have to find. It might take some playing around with your tension guide, but worth the extra bit of time it takes.


The easiest way to test your tension is to thread your machine and put one colour thread in your machine with a totally different colour in your bobbin. Neither one should match your fabric. You need to examine your stitches.

If your tension is too tight, you will see your bobbin thread on top.

If your tension is too loose, you will see your top thread on the bottom of the fabric.

If your tension is correct, you will see machine thread only on the top of the fabric and bobbin thread only on the underside of the fabric.


BEFORE you start adjusting your tension, make these three checks. This is very important.

1. Be certain your machine is threaded properly. Even long time sew-ers can miss a thread guide.

2. Be sure your bobbin is properly installed.

3. Make sure your needle is inserted properly.

After going thru the three checks, you may have to adjust the tension in order to sew a good stitch. Check your manual to see how this is done. Each time you have adjusted, sew a line of stitching. You should only have to make small, slight adjustments to correct your stitch.

If after what seems like an eternity of changes, you still don't have a balanced stitch, leave your machine. Don't even look at it for a few hours, maybe a day or so. Then go back and try again. It could be you are tired, frustrated or distracted. It happens to all of us.

Or, it could be that your bobbin needs adjusting. Most sewing machine manufacturers don't want you to adjust your bobbin tension. If your manual doesn't cover this area, then it is best to take your sewing machine in to a dealer or reputable repair man.

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با سلام.به دنیای ایران سی ان بلاگ و وبلاگ جدید خود خوش آمدید.هم اکنون میتوانید از امکانات شگفت انگیز ایران سی ان بلاگ استفاده نمایید و مطالب خود را ارسال نمایید.شما میتوانید قالب و محیط وبلاگ خود را از مدیریت وبلاگ تغییر دهید.با فعالیت در سایت کسب و کار ایران سی ان به آدرس و قراردادن لینک های بازاریابی در وبلاگ خود می توانید اقدام به کسب درآمد اینترنتی نمایید. در صورت نیاز به راهنمایی و پشتیبانی از قسمت مدیریت با ما در ارتباط باشید.برای حفظ زیبابی وبلاگ خود میتوانید این پیام را حذف نمایید.امیدواریم لحظات خوبی را در ایران سی ان بلاگ سپری نمایید...

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